Supriya Bachal

Supriya Bachal

I am an international student from India persuing my Masters in Data Science.I will be working as a UX consultant for team Platypus

We are developing an app to capture the history of the beatiful Keewenaw by Mapping Photographs, documents, stories and historical contextual elements to locations in time

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Research Topic

The research topic I will be working on this semester is HCI for Data mining in medical registers.Datamining has started finding its niche in the field of health care and medicine.Medical infomatics is growing faster than ever before.It is interesting to work for HCI in medical infomatics as it will give me an opportunity to model an interface which is used by people who are technical novices while handling the complexities of continuos workflow and the integral requirement of efficency.

Research Papers and Articles

Name Of the Paper/Article/Editorial Author/s Link
Human Computer Interaction Design for Data Mining in Cancer Registries Grace B. Kanza,Supervisor: Ankica Babic pdf file
Human–Computer Interaction for Medicine and Health Care(HCI4MED): Towards making Information usable Harold Thimbleby,Russel Beale pdf file
Topic selection Supriya Bachal pdf file
Topic Paper:Human–Computer Interaction for Medicine and Health Care Supriya Bachal pdf file


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Assignment Number and Topic Download link Team Documents
1.Website and Stakeholders, Goals and Task Analysis pdf file
2.Heuristic Evaluation pdf file
3.Usability Test Schedule pdf file
4.Usability Test Plan pdf file
4.Usability Test Plan (alternate link) pdf file
5.Preliminary Usability Test Results Presentation pdf file
5.Usability Test Report pdf file