Nominal Use Case Scenarios

An intern is assigned to collect data at a Wisconsin beach. After arriving at the beach, they open their beach survey app on their mobile phone and begin a new data collection session. This takes the intern to a page with a form in which they can enter data about the beach. After the intern finishes collecting data, he ends the session, causing the app to save the data collected locally. Because the beach does not have wifi, the app waits until the phone reconnects to the internet before syncing the collected data to an external database. After successfully syncing, the app notifies the intern.

Later in the day, the intern's supervisor requests to see the data that had been collected. The supervisor accesses the collected data using the app or a website, reviews it, and exports it as a csv, and then sends the csv file to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as well as the local county.

This causes the website to be more up to date. A family decides to make an impromptu trip to the beach. Before going, they check to make sure that the beach is in good condition. The app indirectly allows the family to make a more informed decision about their trip.