I am a Graduate student from Computer Science department from batch Fall 2017. I am a Usability and testing consultant with Team 4: Calm B4 The Storm. The application developed is Wet/Dry mapping. The basic idea behind this app is measurement of water content along the river. Each spot of the water is noted by measuring its co-ordinates using GPS.The objective of this app is to digitize the paper data sheets currently being used by citizen scientists and to mark the coordinates of the beginning and end of each wet segment.

Graduate Submissions

Topic Date of submission
Topic Selection 1/21
Topic Paper 3/10
Topic Presentation 3/15

Consultant Evaluations

Topic Date of submission
Website design and Stakeholders: Goals and analysis 2/1
Heuristic Evaluation 2/20
Usability test schedule 3/22
Usability test plan 4/10
Usability test Presentation 4/24
Usability test report 4/30