About: I am a Computer Science PhD student

Undergraduate Team: Team 2 (Blu Team)

Topic Selection: Text input techniques in Virtual Reality (VR)
Topic Paper:SmartVRKey - A Smartphone Based Text Entry in Virtual Reality with T9 Text Prediction
Slides: CS5760 Topic Paper Presentation


# Title Due Date Status Attachments
1 Website and Stakeholders Goal Analysis 02-01-2018 Available Download
2 Heuristic Evaluation 02-20-2018 Available Download
3 Usability Test Schedule 03-22-2018 Available Google doc file
4 Usability Test Plans 04-10-2018 Available Download
5 Usability Test Presentation 04-24-2018 Available Google Slide
6 Usability Test Report 04-30-2018 Available Download

Jiban Adhikary
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