CS5760: Human Computer Interaction

Spring 2019

James Henderson Jr.

Grad Student #6

Jchender@mtu.edu | (989) 750-3465






I am a graduate student from Applied Cognitive Science Human Factor department. I am a Usability and testing consultant with Team 2: Team WIMP.  The application that we are developing is Medical Appointment Scheduler. The idea behind the app is a scheduler used for doctor appointments for university students’ patients to schedule appointments for acute problems such as ankle sprains directly though the app. The app will allow patients to bypass the reception staff for making simple appointments and free up reception staff for other phone calls or for more complicated complaints.


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Eval Assign 1: Website Design and Stakeholders


Eval Assign 2: Heuristic Evaluation


Eval Assign 3: Usability Test Schedule


Eval Assign 4: Usability Test Plan


Eval Assign 5: Usability Test Presentation


Eval Assign 6: Usability Test Report