Abheek Srivastava

Grad 7

UX Consultant

CS 5760: Human Computer Interaction
My name is Abheek Srivastava.I am a Graduate student from Computer Science department. I am a Usability and testing consultant with Team 4: Konnected Keewenaw. The goal of the application is to enhance and improve the existing system called Keewenaw Time Traveller where the developer teams will be working to build a query tool that will allow users to filter the stories into themes and display them interactively on the map. I am also doing research on Augmented Reality in the field of education.
5 Feb 2019 Evaluation One
19 Feb 2019 Evaluation Two
21 Mar 2019 Evaluation Three
9 Apr 2019 Evaluation Four
23 Apr 2019 Evaluation Five
29 Apr 2019 Evaluation Six
Augmented Reality
17 Jan 2019 Approval
11 Mar 2019 Paper
13 Mar 2019 Slides