Soheil Sepahyar

PhD Student in Computer Science
Team #3 - Topic: Distance in VR - App: Traffic

CS 5760 Topic Assignments

Title Uploaded File Date of Submission
Topic Selection (Assignment 1) PDF 01/16/2020
Topic paper (Assignment 2) PDF 03/09/2020
Topic Presentation (Assignment 3) Slides 03/12/2020
Video Persentation Video 03/12/2020

CS 5760 Evaluation Assignments

Assignment Topic Uploaded File Date of Submission Related Undergraduate Work
Evaluation 1: Website and Stakeholders, Goals and Task Analysis PDF 02/04/2020 Website
Evaluation 2: Heuristic Evaluation PDF 02/18/2020 Cognitive Walkthrough
Evaluation 3: Usuability Test Schedule Google Sheet 03/25/2020 Same Link
Evaluation 4: Usuability Test Plans PDF 04/04/2020 Pre-Usability Design Presentation
Evaluation 5: Usability Test Presentation Usability Test Presentation 04/20/2020
Evaluation 6: Usuability Test Report Usability Test Report 04/27/2020