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Keweenaw Time Traveler

Keweenaw Time Traveler

Group 4

Scientists: Don LaFreniere, Sarah Scarlett

CS Students: Ryan Ader, Kyle Alberth, Daniel Lambert, Mason Sayles

Humanities Students: Rebecca Barkdoll, Christian LaCourt, Evan Monko

Link to latest deployed version of the application


Our team's goal for this class is to work on expanding the search bar in the Keweenaw time traveler website. With this in mind we are expanding it by including more search options for the newly acquired data sets that they have. We will be having a main focus on the 1920s. An important part of this is that we are aiming on making it a deep, networked, explorable interface which in return will encourage the users of the website to get involved in a deep map of information

Here is our current burndown chart

Individual memebers contributions

Here is our usability test schedule.

Link to Grad Student Site (Marissa)

Link to Grad Student Site (Manu)