Department of Computer Science

CS1090 - Competitive Programming
Fall 2015

Here is the code from class on 9/29.

The problem statements from the practice contest on 9/8.

Input data and correct output for the practice contest on 9/8:

Problem Input Output
1 prob1.out
2 prob2.out
3 prob3.out
4 prob4.out
5 prob5.out
( and prob2.out are the corrected versions)

Jason's checklist.


    Dr. David Poplawski
    Email: pop [AT] mtu [DOT] edu
    Phone: 487-2331
    Office: Rekhi 208
    Office Hours: MTWR 10-11AM


    There is no required textbook for this class.

    Some will find the book Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual by Skiena and Revilla (Springer, ISBN 0-387-00163-8) useful.


All course discussions outside of class will be conducted on Piazza. To get to it, go here.


    Your final grade in this class will be a subjective combination of class participation, contest participation and success, and contribution of problems and solutions for assignments created during the semester. Only the letter grades A, B, C and F will be assigned in this class.

    Since there is a wide range of student backgrounds in terms of CS courses taken and programming experience, I will be expecting more from students with many CS programming, data structure and algorithm courses than those with few.

    I expect a high level of motivation from students taking this class. Most of you should have no trouble getting an A if you are willing to put in a reasonable amount of work.

    Any student on a team that qualifies for the world finals of the ICPC will get an A in the class. Any student on a team that would have qualified except that they finished second to an MTU team that does qualify will get an A in the class.


  • Michigan Technological University complies with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding discrimination, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. For more information about reasonable accommodation for or equal access to education or services at Michigan Tech, please call the Dean of Students Office, at (906) 487- 2212 or go to


The week-by-week content and activities in class will evolve as the semester progresses. However, there are two important activities that occur outside of class time that you are expected to participate in.

  • Saturday, October 3 from noon-5pm : Practice contest
  • Saturday, October 31 : ACM/ICPC Regional Contest at MTU. Time pending.

Please send corrections to pop [AT] mtu [DOT] edu.