CS1141: C for Java Programmers

MW 1:05 PM - 1:55 PM, M&M U115
Spring 2015

Instructor Paul Bonamy
Office Rekhi 103
Office Hours Before and after class, or by appointment
e-mail pjbonamy@mtu.edu
Phone Do not call my office phone. Send me email instead.
Course LMS Canvas (includes gradebook and homework submission)


Note: All homework must be turned in via Canvas. These PDFs are provided as a convenience only.

Homework Due Solution
#1 - C Basics & Unix 4 Feb by 11:59PM hw1.basicsUnix.soln.txt
#2 - Pointers, Arrays, Strings, and Structures 18 Feb by 11:59PM hw2.pointersArraysStructs.soln.txt
#3 - More on Types & the Preprocessor 3 Mar (Tuesday) by 11:59PM hw3.typesPreprocessor.soln.txt
#4 - Dynamic Memory 1 Apr by 11:59PM hw4.dynMem.soln.txt
#5 - File I/O 15 Apr by 11:59PM hw5.fileio.soln.txt

Programs are to be turned in using Submit by the appointed time, or according to the Slip Days rules.

Program Due Solution
#1 - Tron's Deadly Disk 28 Jan by 11:59PM not posted yet
#2 - Word Wrapping Additional Explanation
Arrays for the aaa and thompson examples.
25 Feb by 11:59PM not posted yet
#3 - Word Wrapping Rebuild 18 Mar by 11:59PM not posted yet
#4 - Dictionary Trie 1 Apr at 11:59PM not posted yet
#5 - Login Analyzer Sample wtmp file (2.3MB) 15 Apr at 11:59PM not posted yet

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