CS3331 Reading List: Week 3

Course Material
The set of slides used in class is available in the common directory with filename 03-Process.pdf.
Study Unix Multiprocess Programming
If you wish to print these slides, print them double-sided and print as many slides as possible on the same page. Let us save a tree!

Programming Material
Do Programming Assignment I.

Homework Assignment
Answer the following questions: Answers to these questions can be found in the above mentioned slides.
  • What is a PCB? What information should be stored in a PCB?
  • Can a process assume the system scheduling policy in order to run properly? Why?
  • What is a CPU scheduler?
  • What is the context of a process?
  • What is a context switch? Show all needed steps in a context switch.
  • Understand the following system calls fork(), wait() and execvp().
  • Understand the following shared memory related functions and system calls ftok(), shmget(), shmat(), shmdt() and shmctl().
We do not collect your practice work; but, similar problems will appear in quizzes and exams in the future. Note that I will not make any announcement in class for these short quizzes. In other word, short quizzes may take place at any time as long as I see it is appropriate.