Computer Science Policy on Cheating

Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated, Excused Or In Any Way Condoned

From the M.T.U. Student Handbook, page 21

C. Cheating

A student detected cheating beyond any reasonable doubt during any examination period or in the preparation of any significant individual assignment such as a quarter report is to receive a failing grade for the course, and a record of the failure is to be submitted to the Dean of Students. This record is to be for the confidential use of the Dean of Students and is to be destroyed upon the student's graduation. On the second such occurrence, a student shall be expelled from the University without the possibility of readmission. In the preparation of students for responsible professional careers, Michigan Tech expects honesty and integrity to be the ordinary way of life in all student activities. Plagiarism, or the use of another person's statements without giving proper credit, is dishonest and regarded as cheating. Although group study and group projects are often appropriate, it is expected that individual assignments and examinations will be the private efforts of the particular student.

At times the student will find it difficult to distinguish between legitimate study aids and illegal ``scoop''. Such questions should be discussed with the instructors involved so that the students may proceed with clear consciences. Besides the potential F grade for the course, the cheating student does great damage to his/her own self-esteem and professional character.

General Notes

Notes on Programs

Generally, programs are considered ``significant individual assignments''. While discussion among students to clarify concepts and understanding is natural and encouraged and is normally not considered cheating, you should be careful neither to allow your work to be used by someone else nor to allow the code in your program to be created by anyone other than you - unless it has been explicitly provided by your instructor. Your coding is an expression of your understanding!