Reading List: Week 3

Course Material
Read the following units of Course Notes
  • Unit 2: Geometric Concepts Pay special attention to homogeneous coordinates and geometric transformations.
  • Unit 3: Solid Models (read ahead).

Other Material
Do the following Drill Exercises (PDF file).
    The purpose of these exercises is to provide you with a chance to practice the most fundamental concepts and skills covered in the past week. You do not have to submit your work; however, you are supposed to do these exercises. Answer keys will be posted next week.

A Winged-Edge Data Structure Visualization and Animation System Is Available.
    This is a prototype designed and implemented by graduate student Bryan Neperud who won a distinguished paper award at the MICS: 2005 conference for this work. This program is available in the common with filename This is a Windows program. Since it is a very early prototype, it may have unexpected bugs. A rough document in html file format is included in the zip file.