Reading List: Week 8

Course Material
Read the following units
  • Read the B-spline pages up to to knot insertion.

Programming Material
Practice the Curve subsystem of DesignMentor
  • How to create a B-spline curve?
  • How to move control points to change the shape of a B-spline curve?
  • Use the Partition of Unity window to learn more about B-spline basis functions.
  • How to activate de Boor's algorithm to display all intermediate steps?
  • How to modify control points on the plane and into space? The new system has a window which contains three smaller windows, one for changing the coordinate values in the xy-, xz- and yz- planes.
  • Create a Bézier or B-spline curve with not all control points on a plane. Then, activate the moving triad, curvature sphere, and the roller-coaster window. Trace this curve and get a feeling of moving on a curve.
  • Study the solutions to the midterm, especially the solution to the winged-edge data structure problem and the continuity problem.