CS6461 -- Advanced Computer Networks (Fall 2008)

Time: Location:
MWF 12:05pm - 12:55pm  101 Rekhi 
Instructor: Teaching Assistant:
Byung K. Choi
307 Rekhi Computer Science Hall

e-mail: bkchoi@mtu.edu  e-mail:
Office hours: Anytime (Check out Instructor Schedule before walking in) Office hours: TBD

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Course Objective
This course has two objectives: one is to equip students with good knowledge on the selected advanced research topics in networking, and the other is to help students significantly improve research skills in terms of writing and presentation. Good knowledge will be obtained by attending and participating lectures. Readings will be provided. By performing a term project, students will experience a full cycle of typical research activities including literature survey, problem formulation, giving assumptions, providing a solution, providing a plan of evaluation of the solution, and finally presenting of the project results. After taking this course, students should be able to conduct research or a project with a minimum level of guidance from their advisers. If desired, students will be able to extend the project toward their theses/project-report by filling up the missed evaluation part. Quality projects will be helped for a submission to conferences.
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In this course, we will study some of the most advanced research topics in computer networks. Your goal is to be an expert on the selected most advanced topics. You will read more than 30 research papers throughout this course (roughly one paper per lecture). We will tentatively discuss the following issues. Things may change as we go along, so please check back later frequently!
  • Anonymous Communication I  
    Grand Challenges in Computer Networks 
    MIX nodes  
    MIX networks  
  • Anonymous Communication II  
    Overlay Networks  
    Future work  
  • Traffic Analysis  
    Anonymity breaking  
    Traffic volume analysis  
    Traffic timing analysis  
    Traffic pattern analysis  
  • Traffic Measurement  
    What to measure  
    Where to measure  
    Measure-free network?  

Required Textbook
No textbook is required. Lectures will be given with related research papers. Click here for the reading list.

Assessment Method

The course will consist of a research project and two open book exams.

Ideally, grades will be assigned along the following lines:

Grade A AB B BC C CD D F
Scale 90-100% 85-89% 80-84% 75-79% 70-74% 65-69% 60-64% 0-59%

Grading Weights

Problem Formulation Related Work Proposal and a Plan of Evaluation Exams
100 100 300 500


CS4461 (Computer Networks) or equivalent, ask Cathy Forsman about this.


There will be a research oriented project, which could be used for MS project or thesis. More information about projects will be posted soon.

The project will be done either by a group of two students or indivually. This means that it is a good idea to start looking for a partner soon.

Late-Submission Policy

Academic Integrity

It goes without saying that the highest level of academic integrity is expected for students in this class. While discussions among students on the analysis of problems and on the development of general solution approaches is welcome (encouraged, in fact,) the idea has to be of the individual student or of the individual project team. Spelled out, this means:

Whoever violates these rules must expect to fail this course.