CS5760 HCI Usability Testing


My name is Ridwan Ahmed Khan.In this course, as a graduate student I am going to do usability testing and evaluations of an undergraduate project (Team 1: Team Volcano).The documents are uploaded in this site.

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Evaluation Assignments

# Assignment Title Type PDF
1 Evaluation Assignment-1 Writing Evaluation_assignment-1_ridwan_ahmed_khan.pdf
2 Evaluation Assignment-2 Heuristic Evaluation eval_assignment-2_ridwan_ahmed_khan.pdf
4 Evaluation Assignment-4 Usability Testing Plan eval_assignment_4_ridwan_ahmed_khan.pdf
5 Evaluation Assignment-5 Usability Testing Result Presentation Usability Test Report of Volcano Monitoring App_ridwan_ahmed_khan.pdf
6 Evaluation Assignment-6 Usability Testing Report eval_assignment_6_ridwan.pdf

Topic paper

Below is my paper for CS5760 course.

Paper title Assignement type PDF Presentation
Musical Exercise as Physiotherapy Topic paper Musical Exercise as Physiotherapy.pdf Musical Exercise As physiotherapy.pptx

Physical exercise is necessary to one’s good health. But it is not enough to keep up one’s motivation to do exercise regularly. Also there are cases when physiotherapy in the shape of exercise is a must. Still then, doing exercise regularly is hard for anyone. Sometimes eve n if people do exercise, they cannot be certain that, they are doing it in the right way. These types of problems are addressed in this paper and we have discussed different solutions using technologies. This technical solutions have adopted different ways to motivate people to do exercise and also give feedback about its proper form of exercises. Our proposal is one of these solution. But its novelty lies in uses of gesture based devices for exercising and music to motivate and give feedback to people. Dis cussion of our proposed system and its comparisons with other techniques is main theme of this research paper.