Jaclyn Barnes

Team Volcano Evaluations

Evaluation 1

A description of the system, stakeholder information, stakeholder goal analysis, personas, task analysis, and meeting notes from the first two meetings with the scientists

Evaluation 2

A heuristic evaluation of the initial mockups for the Team Volcano app

Evaluation 4 and Usability Test Questionnaire

Usability test plan and associated questionnaire for the Team Volcano app

Evaluation 6

Usability test report for the Team Volcano app

Child-Robot Interaction Research

Ethics and Abuse in Child-Robot Interaction Paper


Children are encountering robots in a wide variety of contexts from the classroom to the hospital to the shopping mall. Questions remain about how to manage the emotional and ethical facets of the interactions. Children attribute emotions and rights to a social robot, but have also been observed abusing or bullying robots. I propose systematic investigation of the effect of different ethical paradigms children can use when interacting with robots and how these paradigms might be leveraged to mitigate conflict between social robots and children in the public sphere.

Ethics and Abuse in Child-Robot Interaction Presentation

A presentation of the preceeding paper focusing on existing child-robot interaction literature, not my proposed research