CS 5760 - Human Computer Interaction and Usability Course Website

Avinash Subramanian
Masters in Computer Science
Graduate Research Assistant under Dr.Hairong Wei
E-mail: avsubram@mtu.edu
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This is my consultation website for the course CS5760 Human Computer Interaction and Usability. This website will consist of all the assignments, evaluations and other documents regarding my research topic.

Research Topic: 3D Browsing using Virtual Reality

Title Uploaded File
3D Browsing using Virtual Reality - paper Click to download
3D Browsing using Virtual Reality - presentation Click to download

Application project: Roya Survey - Coffee

Below are the list of assignments for CS5760

Assignment Topic Date of Submission Uploaded File
Evaluation 1 - Stakeholders, Goals and Task Analysis 01/28/2016 Click to download
Evaluation 2 - Heuristic Evaluation 02/18/2016 Click to download
Evaluation 4 - Usability Test Plan 04/08/2016 Click to download
Evaluation 6 - Usability Test Evaluation Report 04/23/2016 Click to download