The Project

About the Project

This project is part of course work for CS5760 at Michigan Technological University. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County would like to compile a final version of a crowd sourced specimen label transcription project. It's a little difficult to explain so you can read more at the link provided below.

About the Team

The team is part of the CS4750 undergraduate course at Michigan Technological University and will be working on building the application. They seem to like pizza.

About Me

My name is Sachin and I'm a graduate student at MTU. I will be the graduate consultant for the undergraduate team on the project. My research topic for this course is OCR interfaces for the visually impared.


Evaluation Assignment 1

Evaluation Assignment 1 contains stakeholders, goals and Task Analysis of the crab shack project.

Evaluation Assignment 2

Heuristic Evaluation

Topic Assignment 2

Proposal Report

Topic Assignment 3

Paper Presentation

Evaluation Assignment 4

Usability Test Plann

Usability Test App

Test App

Evaluation Assignment 6

Usability Final Test Report