I am a cs graduate student. The topic I have choosen is 'HRI Theory and Evaluation'. And I am the consultant for Team 4: 'The Programming Staff' in which the group develops a front end appliction for the scientists who are working on the staff gauge to upload the hydrology data and to access the data uploaded by their peers.


# Topic Date Submitted Attachements
1 Topic Selection 1/15 Files
2 Topic Paper 3/03 Files
3 Topic Presentation 3/10 Files


# Evaluation Date Submitted Attachements
1 Website and Stakeholders Goal Analysis 1/28 Files
2 Heuristic Evaluation 2/18 Files
3 Usability Test Schedule Files
4 Usability Test Plan 4/7 Files
5 Preliminary Usability Test Results Presentation 4/21 Files
6 Usability Test Report 4/25 Files

Sree Ram Akula