Pranav Rudraraju

Trip Tracker

The Trip Tracker App is used to record the path between an origin and a destination. It will be used in an undergraduate course in transportation engineering by both students and the professor. By selecting a trip from an origin and destination on a map, students can choose a path to follow at a departure time from the origin, and specify the destination activity or trip purpose, mode of transportation (e.g., car, bike, walk, or bus). The app will record detailed trajectory (i.e., timestamp, x,y,z, speed, etc.) at a high-frequency time interval such as 0.1 or 0.2 seconds. The App also needs to record information on their identification (e.g., student name and MTU email address) and trip information (e.g., origin, destination, departure date/time, purpose, mode). Students will upload the trip information to a server. The application also has 2 other users Moderator, Admin. Both of these users can login to the app to view all the trip data, filter the trips by date. The data includes the email Id of the student, origin, destination, time stamp, location, etc. and there is a functionality to download this data as a CSV file for more advanced data analysis or travel behavior. Additionally the Admin has privilege to grant roles to users and manage their access to the application.


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