M A Aziz Jahan

Graduate Student - ECE Department
Email: jahan@mtu.edu
Team #1: D_rone App

App Details:

The 3D_rone App's aim is to give a way to visualize drone flights that are utilized in interior building inspections or other situations where autonomous GPS-driven flights aren't possible to operate. Drone pilots will be able to better understand the flight paths of expert pilots who have completed simulated checks within the space due to this visualization.

CS 5760 Topic Assignments

Title Uploaded File Date of Submission
Topic Selection PDF 01/17/2022
Topic paper PDF 03/02/2022
Topic Presentation PDF 03/10/2022
Topic Presentation Recording MP4 03/22/2022

CS 5760 Evaluation Assignments

Assignment Topic Uploaded File Date of Submission
Evaluation: User Goal Document PDF 01/25/2022
Evaluation: Design Support Documents PDF 02/01/2022
Evaluation: Heuristic Evaluation PDF 02/14/2022
Evaluation: Usuability Test Schedule PDF 03/22/2022
Evaluation: Usuability Test Plan PDF 04/04/2022
Evaluation: Usuability Test Result Presentation PDF 04/19/2022
Evaluation: Usuability Test Report PDF 04/22/2022