CS 3K: Ethical and Social Aspects of Computing
Fall 2012
2:05-2:55 MW
G09 Rekhi

Most recent update: November 9
Homework and Handouts
Annotated Reading List Your 2nd book choice is due in class Wednesday, Nov. 14
Project Proposal Due: In class Wednesday, Nov. 14
Homework 3 Due: In class Wednesday, Nov. 7
Book List for Second Reading
NYT Angry Birds Privacy Article
(Homework 2) Miscellaneous Chpts. 1-5 In-class activity Monday, Oct. 1
Homework 1 results Sept. 26
Homework 1 Due Wednesday, Sept. 19

Ethical Systems and Philosophies from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
        Morality         Consequentialism         Deontolgy
        Utilitarianism Kantianism Relativism
        Justice Veil of Ignorance Moral Skepticism
Required Reading:
        Kohlberg (W.C. Crain. (1985). Theories of Development Prentice-Hall. pp. 118-136.)
        Everything Is Miscellaneous, Weinberger
        (Acquire this book on your own by Monday, September 17.)
        A book selected individually by each student
        (More details about book selection will be provided.)

Announcement (9/19): The Elie Wiesel Foundation has announced its Prize in Ethics Essay Contest.
        The deadline is December 3.
Instructor: Steve Seidel
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