CS4321 Introduction to Algorithms


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        All final reports must be submitted by Wednesday, December 14, 2011, Noon.

        Course Change: Project Replaces Final

o       A project replaces the Final, the last assignment (assignment 6), and the last 5 problems of assignment 5.

o       Project is an implementation of an advance algorithm (chapter 8-12). It will demonstrate the correctness and cost.

o       Group of three students will work on the implementation, but the reports will be written by the individual students.

o       One group member should send me an email with a list the students in the group, by Friday 11/11.

o       The email may include a proposal for an algorithm, but I will assign the projects to the groups.

o       Specification for the report will be posted by Monday, 11/14.

o       Some groups may be asked to present their results.

        Rough draft of Project and Report Specification. Please read so we can discuss.

        Drafting of Project Grading Guidelines.