Group 3: Team ACL

We will be creating an app about ACL risk calculation for a patient. The app will consist of a form that contains questions and areas for patients to enter their answers. The risk will be calculated once all are completed. A new page will display that shows a graphical representation of the risk factor along with the number for the risk factor. For example, the patient may have a 1 in 20 risk. The form should connect back to Qualtrics in some way so that the data the patient entered can be brought back to the larger form our scientist is using.

Deployed App

App Summary Document

Burndown Chart

Cognitive Walkthrough

Testing Slot Schedule

Final Design Presentation

Design Documents:

User Personas: Athlete  Parent  Physician  Coach

System Overview

Stakeholder and User Descriptions

User Environments

Nominal User Scenarios

Hierarchical Task Interaction Design

Instructional & Content Design Plan

Heuristic Evaluation

Database Schema

Design Changes After Final Design Presentation

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Stakeholders, Goals, and Tasks

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