Group 6: Microbit

What is the Goal?

The Microbit is a low-cost hardware platform that is used to introduce both computer programming principles and to facilitate maker activities, like making wearables. It's already widely used by K-12 educators for computing activities

This project will graph and stream data real-time from microbits. Allowing the finer inspection of data sent from the microbits. This data can also be downloaded in a csv format for even more inspection.


This project is also open source!

Check it out here!

Recent Deliverables:

Final Client Review

This document can also be found under 'Scientist Meeting Notes'.
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Instructor: Dr. Robert Pastel
Technical Writers
Graduate Student Reviewers

Usability Testing

Usability Testing Schedule

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Usability Testing Notes

Summary Date File Download
HU Test Results 4/21/20 Download Now!

Meeting Minutes

Summary Meeting Date File Download
Cognitive Walkthrough Meeting 2/9/20 Download Now!
Design Review Meeting 2/18/20 Download Now!
Remote Development Decisions Meeting 3/18/20 Download Now!
Remote Developer Scrum Meeting I 3/24/20 Download Now!

Scientist Meeting Notes

Summary Meeting Date File Download
Initial Design Meeting - Discussion about creation and features involved in the application 1/27/20 Download Now!
Second Design Meeting 2/13/20 Download Now!
Third Design Meeting - Finalize Design Decisions 2/13/20 Download Now!
Final Client Review 4/22/20 Download Now!

Design Documents

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App Summary 1/27/20 Download Now!
Preliminary Website Interactions and Personas 2/4/20 Download Now!
Heuristic Evaluation 2/10/20 Download Now!
Cognitive Walkthrough Powerpoint 2/10/20 Download Now!
General Feedback 2/11/20 Download Now!
Design Review Notes I 2/18/20 Download Now!
Design Review Notes II 2/18/20 Download Now!
Design Review Notes III 2/18/20 Download Now!
Final Design Presentation 3/30/20 Download Now!
Design Changes 4/09/20 Download Now!

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