CS 3331 Concurrent Computing Slides -- (Fall 2012 Version)

CS 3331 Concurrent Computing Slides -- (Spring 2014 Version)

Always make sure you use the current version of slides for study as I update these slides EVERY semester. Moreover, if you cannot access a certain sets of slides, it means they are being updated and should be available soon.

Number of Weeks Course Topics Slides
1 Basics 01-Intro.pdf
1 Hardware and OS Stuffs 02-Hardware-OS.pdf
3 Process and Threads Process 03-Process.pdf
Threads 04-Thread.pdf
1 Critical Sections and Mutual Exclusion 05-Sync-Basics.pdf
6 Synchronization Software and Hardware Solutions 06-Sync-Soft-Hardware.pdf
A Very Brief C++ and ThreadMentor Review 07-Some-Cpp-TM.pdf
Mutex Locks and Semaphores 08-Semaphores.pdf
Race Condition: Revisited 09-Race-Conditions.pdf
Monitors 10-Monitors.pdf
Deadlock and Livelock 11-Deadlock.pdf
Communication Channels 12-Channels.pdf
2 Programming Languages and System Supports Java Threads and Synchronization 13-Java-Threads.pdf
Ada Tasking 14-Ada-Tasking.pdf
Pthreads 15-Pthreads.pdf