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Seminar Fracas (9/5/06)

Yes, it's true. The very first Friday seminar has been scheduled... for 3pm on K-Day!!!. Now, as much as we all want to honor the K in K-day, we're going to have to wait until after 4. On the bright side, your hard-working CSGSO representatives have been assured that the scheduling glitch was a mistake and that in the future, a serious attempt will be made to respect school holidays with respect to seminars.

On the other hand, the graduate faculty have expressed a desire for our understanding that the Friday seminar series is in place for our benefit and should be viewed as an opportunity for us to expand our horizons and further our understanding of the field (something we have a responsibility to do), so let's try to hold up our end too, shall we?

See you on Friday!

First Game Night (9/4/06)

Thanks to everyone who swung by (including some chemistry students!) for the first game night of the year. We had a good turn-out despite it being Labor Day. Our new grad students came through with some new games... And we all learned that "Icehouse" isn't just the name of a cheap beer!

- It's a New School Year! -

Shovelling Party

I think I speak for everyone when I say we had a great time helping Mingsong shovel his car out! It's amazing what a few months of snowplow debris can create. A plow truck would have hurt itself on this stuff! Check out the pictures!

Olympic Grad Social

Friday (Feb 24th) at 5:00pm, join us in the faculty lounge for some pizza, fun and games. We'll see which country gets the most gold medals for Texas Hold 'em!


Winter Carnival is in full swing and we honored the tradition with a late-night party Wednsday evening! If you've never heard of the board game "Robo Rally", come to the next CS grad game night and check it out... It's the perfect game for programmers!

Also, don't be surprised if you see Roland stalking the halls next week with his digital camera. We're trying to get pictures of everyone for the people page.


Our next CS Grad social night will be this Friday, the 27th, starting at 5pm in Rekhi G09 (aka the dungeon). Tear yourself away from your work for a while and learn how rowdy a crowd we can be when Mountain Dew and Monopoly collide!


The website is up and running! Check it out and let us know what you think. Contact any of the council members for complaints, compliments or suggestions.

Join in a CSGSO council meeting... we meet on Tuesdays at 12:30 in the grad lab on the 2nd floor!

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